Fun games and books in French

Corneille is a 100% personalized lean-to-read app for childern age 3 to 8

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Corneille takes your child into a fantastic adventure of reading in French!

100% personalized learn-to-read path

Each child is unique, Corneille proposes a personalized learning path combining phonics games and interactive stories, based on an adaptive algorithm.
Each child makes his onw path learning and having fun.

Reading with confidence in French

App Corneille offers more than 100 texts of graduated difficulty to be deciphered at the beginning of reading with the help of our module « Je lis seul.e » in which the child can record himselflisten to himself and share with his family.

Teacher Approuved

Our collection of educational games has been designed and developed by a team of children’s professionals and follows the recommendations of the French National Education for learning to read.

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Ads free, secure environment where parents can follow the childrens progress in leaning to read

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Smart screen time in French

Screen Time You Can Feel Good About.

In an active learning environment, Corneille is a game that engage the child in learning and reading in French:

+ 100 books in digital library for kids, unlimited access to high-quality

+300 fun French phonics games

All our activities are based on the natural learning pathways of the brain.

Make learning to read a moment of sharing

Do you lack the time to support your child in learning to read? You don’t have the tools or resources to do so? With Corneille, you don’t have to prepare anything! Connect in less than a minute and let the application guide you.

Help your child recognize sounds in the bear game, encourage him to trace his first letters or dive into one of our wonderful stories to read or listen to!

Kid Powered Learning

Boost confidence with real French-language books that students love: fun facts, fantasy and classical stories

· Progressive reading books

· Fact based first reading books

· Interactive books form publishers Bayard and Milan

Reading in french is fun !

Follow his progress week after week

With progression tracking, you can follow the evolution of your child’s learning in detail and see his progress day after day. You can congratulate your child on each new step he or she takes, so that he or she can be proud of his or her achievements. It’s a great way to celebrate his little victories with the whole family!

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Corneille c’est trop chouette ! J’ai appris plein de choses et c’est trop rigolo.

Léo — 6 ans

J’aime vraiment beaucoup Corneille, je joue et en même temps j’apprends.

Louise — 5 ans

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